What We Do

We provide clear strategies and recommendations across all areas of your financial planning

We build long-term relationships with our clients ensuring that your changing financial requirements continue to be met.

We treat each and every client with the same respect, care and attention we would want to receive ourselves. Listening to, and understanding our client’s plans for the future and planning towards their goals is key to building long-term beneficial relationships.

Clarity & Understanding

Having gained a clear understanding of your objectives, your needs and your priorities, together with knowledge of your current personal and financial position, we will provide clear strategies and recommendations aligned to your requirements across all areas of your financial affairs.

Concise Expert Research

We adopt a robust and repeatable strategy with the assistance of an external research company; Rayner Spencer Mills and our network, The On-Line Partnership Limited. This sits at the heart of our business model along with an embedded focus on treating customers fairly.

Rayner Spencer Mills help us to compile a range of investment solutions, and strategies along with the risk rating of investment funds. We are provided with ongoing investment reviews, analysis and quarterly investment/market updates from Rayner Spencer Mills. This ensures we are provided with in-depth and forward-thinking research and analysis which we match to the funds parallel to your individual requirements and attitude to risk.

We monitor the performance and risk information continually ensuring  that funds are performing and behaving as we would expect, given any prevailing market and economic conditions. 

Looking for specialist financial help?
We provide you with a clear structure of bespoke solutions and financial advice designed to meet your needs and goals. Call us today on 01403 268 562 or email us at info@mercierallen.co.uk.