The Advice Process

The aim of the advice process is to achieve a good outcome for you. We aim to deliver a suitable solution that matches your individual needs, attitude to risk, tolerance for loss, timeline, knowledge and experience. The key to our process is that it is robust and repeatable.

Our advice process typically is broken down into four elements.


We will introduce ourselves and explain how we will work with you, the services we are able to provide, and the cost of those services. We will talk to you about your financial objectives and goals, and the timeline in which you would like to achieve them. When we consider your investment needs we will assess your attitude to financial risk, and tolerance for loss. We will also complete a detailed fact find report gaining personal and financial information so we can work out our recommendations and advice.


Having worked with you on the fact finding and consultation stage we will now take some time to gather further information with regards any existing plans you may have. Taking these into account, and your financial objectives and goals we will provide you with a tailored financial recommendation. This recommendation will not only take into account your goals and objectives, but also your attitude to financial risk and timeline for achieving this. We will talk you through any specific product recommendation, fund choices, costs and charges.


The implementation stage will put in place the recommendation as agreed with you. This may include broader areas of planning such as trust work or estate planning. We will assist you with completion of the relevant applications and any additional information required for the submission of the application to the providers. We will then monitor the processing of the application through to policy submission and ensure you receive the policy documentation.

Ongoing Service

We will confirm with you the level of on-going service you require and any related costs. Our on-going service allows us to meet with our clients to review financial plans and ensure these continue to meet your needs. We understand that circumstances change, and we aim to support our clients with a lasting long term on-going advice service. We also reassess your attitude to risk and timeline at each meeting. We can provide you with on-going support and servicing options, including access, to our client portal which allows you to obtain real time valuations and data on your plans.