Our Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy comprises of:

Core Solutions

Consisting of Multi Asset/Multi Manager Funds, risk-rated on a scale of 1 to 10 based on asset allocation, volatility, investment philosophy and characteristics. Each fund is re-balanced and reviewed regularly to ensure they continue to reflect the given risk profile.

Alternative Core Solutions

These are individual life and mutual funds chosen for our clients that have a specific or targeted approach to their investments. Raynor Spencer Mills (RSM) provide us with a fit for purpose rating and comment will be made on the risk rating allocated to the fund by the individual provider. RSM will report on these funds a minimum of once a year.

Sector Funds

On occasion, there will be a demand for a particular fund from a particular sector. RSM have therefore compiled a list of over 70 sector funds on which appropriate research has been conducted. We can, therefore, offer our clients a core plus sector fund solution. A client may wish to access opportunities they believe exist within a single sector, and these funds will allow them that opportunity.

Managed Funds

Managed funds can reduce costs for active fund management. We have a list of over twenty funds on which appropriate research has been conducted and cover many Investment Management Association (IMA) sectors.

Discretionary Fund Managers

We can work alongside a small number of discretionary fund managers (DFM) who offer bespoke solutions to high net worth individuals. Each DFM adopts individual processes to run money that external research partners can validate and that we are comfortable with. Whilst DFM’s are not suitable for everybody they can provide a valuable service for our more sophisticated investors.

Ethical Funds / Socially Responsible Investment

As a result of increasing client awareness we have researched the ethical investment market and with the assistance of RSM, have selected a number of ethical funds. Due to the nature of this market, our ethical funds are regularly updated and altered. Some funds are greener than others and are selected on both a positive and negative basis.

The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all of your original investment.