Where there’s a Will there’s a Gen Zer

Where there’s a Will there’s a Gen Zer

20% of 18-24-year-olds emerge as Will makers As many as a fifth (20%) of young Gen Z adults aged 18 to 24 say they have already made a Will[1]. Getting their affairs in order at such an early age compares favourably relative to the UK adult population overall, where just four in ten (40%) people have made a Will. It would appear that Gen Z is also ahead of the game as just 21% of …

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Planning for the road ahead

Planning for the road ahead

Gen Z’s caring nature supporting both themselves and loved ones Younger generations deserve much more credit for planning ahead and beginning to think about retirement when it will still feel so far away for them, according to new research[1]. The pandemic will likely have impacted their mindset, with issues such as longevity and later life care now at the forefront and providing a stark reminder of the need to have provisions in place for the …

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Planning to leave a family legacy?

Planning to leave a family legacy?

Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on Will making We are living in extraordinary times right now, in the grip of a global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Many people are concerned to ensure that their affairs are in order and that they have made a Will, which is one of the most important legal documents you can create in life. It is always sensible to have a valid Will in place to ensure that your estate is divided …

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Why silence isn’t necessarily bliss

Over six million adults refuse to discuss their will with loved ones Making a will is very important if you care what happens to your money and your belongings after you die, and most of us do. But have you tried to talk with your parents about their will? If that conversation isn’t happening, you’re not alone. And it’s not only parents that are the only ones who are uncomfortable. Adult children may also be …

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Wealth Navigator

Planning the BEST route for the next generation You have worked hard to build your wealth. Passing it on to the next generation fairly, safely, effectively and efficiently takes skill and careful preparation. But some people find the idea of discussing inheritance uncomfortable and subsequently put off estate planning until, in some instances, it may be too late to make a difference. Seeking early professional financial advice and guidance about the options to mitigate your …

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When I’m gone

How a simple list can help your loved ones after your death Although it may not feel like it, your family finances are probably more precarious than you think. It’s all well and good when the breadwinners are healthy and working, but if something unfortunate were to happen, the outlook for those around you could change instantly. Research from Macmillan[1] highlights the worrying fact that two in three people living in Britain don’t have a …

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