Financial Planning

Funding Your Child’s Future Lifestyle!

Funding Your Child’s Future Lifestyle!

Early preparation in life is key to becoming financially independent As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues into a second year, we’re learning more and more about its financial impact. While many individuals and families are struggling up and down the country, there is a particular strain placed on the parents of adult children. A recent survey showed that 50% of adults with children over the age of 18 have provided financial help to them due …

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Unlocking Your Wealth

Unlocking Property Wealth

Plan for the worst, hope for the best With the rapid changes that have swept the world over the last year resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, some people aged over 50 are facing a different retirement than they may have been expecting. Some have less savings than they imagined, some have had to access their savings to supplement their income and some have retired earlier than they had planned. Financial affairs in orderFor many, the …

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10 tips to achieving your financial goals

10 tips to achieving your financial goals

Time to diagnose your money situation with a financial health check? Even if you have a solid financial plan in place, it still needs to be updated regularly to ensure it reflects any life changes. But what should your priorities focus on now? Is it time to turn your attention to your pension, your ISA, your mortgage, or something else? Should you be thinking about investing more for your children’s education or putting an estate …

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Financial Resolutions

Financial resolutions

What does wealth look like to you? Whether it’s stopping smoking, losing weight, eating more healthily or getting fitter, most of us have probably made at least one New Year’s resolution, but how many of us will actually go on to achieve it? We all have different financial goals and aspirations in life, yet these goals can often seem out of reach. In today’s complex financial environment, achieving your financial goals may not be that …

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Every journey starts with a destination

Looking at the bigger picture for your wealth and security Every plan starts with a goal, just like every journey starts with a destination. Planning your financial future is not only important for your security, but it also provides peace of mind. Financial planning should be viewed as a long-term approach to managing your finances. Creating your financial plan will help you see the bigger picture and set life goals, which are crucial for mapping …

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‘No, thanks’ to downsizing

More baby boomers plan to stay in their own home A growing number of ageing baby boomers are saying, ‘No, thanks’ to downsizing, choosing instead to remain in the same house in which they raised their family and created lifelong memories. Over two thirds of people say they plan to stay in their own home during their retirement, according to new research[1]. The findings suggest nearly 14 million people plan to remain in their current …

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What’s important to you?

Reaching those milestones starts with setting clear financial goals We all have dreams for the future, and many of those dreams require money and planning to make them become a reality. Reaching those milestones starts with setting clear financial goals. Making decisions with a clear endpoint in mind can make it easier to achieve financial security and allow you to enjoy your life to the full, so we’ve put together this brief rundown to help …

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2019 Guide to Creating the life you want

Shaping your future and preparing for the road ahead In our guide, we consider the questions you may need to ask to shape your future. As we all know and experience, there are usually bumps in the road on every journey. Even the best financial plans and most experienced investors can’t always predict the complexities of life. So the starting point for protecting, growing and passing on your wealth is to have a clear financial …

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Healthy, wealthy and well advised

Financial complexities of passing on wealth Passing on wealth is a sensitive subject, not just because of the financial complexities of it all, but also the emotion and family politics involved. Having built up their business or wealth, many families often wish to enjoy it whilst also ensuring that it is passed on to the next generation in their families. Passing on what you have accrued in the most efficient way is of paramount importance. …

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Show me the money

Turning pensions into money you can use Today, you’ve got a number of options and permutations available when it comes to what to do with your pension in retirement. But lots of choice can also mean increased confusion. Your retirement might seem like a far-off prospect, but knowing how you can access your pension pot can help you understand how best to build for the future you want. You must have reached a certain minimum …

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