Financial Planning

Intergenerational financial planning

Intergenerational financial planning

COVID-19 increases desire for sustainable investing for half of UK adults The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has prompted a desire to move into ethical and sustainable investing for more than half (51%) of advised UK adults, according to a new report[1]. And while the trend is common across the generations, it’s Millennials who are leading the charge. The report found that 61% now care more about the environment and the planet than they did before the …

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Protecting family wealth

Protecting family wealth

Start planning your legacy to mitigate or reduce Inheritance Tax If you’ve worked hard throughout your lifetime to grow your wealth, and hope it will help to safeguard the financial security of your loved ones after you’ve gone. But without careful planning in your lifetime, you could leave them with less than expected after the Inheritance Tax bill is paid. Proper planning can help you pass on as much as possible to the people you …

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Plan for tomorrow, live for today

Plan for tomorrow, live for today

Helping you achieve your financial goals The key steps toward financial security are to translate them into your own terms. What, exactly, are your personal financial goals? If you have trouble sorting them out, try classifying them as either wants or needs. Go a step further and add short-term, medium-term and long-term to the descriptions. Now you have some useful labels you can apply to your priorities. If you’re not sure where to start or …

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How to future-proof your finances as a parent

How to future-proof your finances as a parent

A momentous event that can change every aspect of your financial stability The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a shattering effect on the country. Future-proofing your finances can help you feel more secure about what lies ahead – whether that’s preparing for big life milestones, such as starting a family, or navigating difficult periods, such as unemployment or poor health. One of the areas that tends to cause some anxiety is managing household finances with …

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Money's too tight to mention

Money’s too tight to mention

Looking to retire from work, not a paycheck? When it comes to retirement insecurity, one concern dominates all others, the fear of running out of money during retirement and with people living longer than ever before, it’s a very valid concern. A new report reveals how two-thirds (66%) of adults planning to retire this year risk running out of money[1]. The research found that a 2021 retiree plans to spend, on average, £21,000 a year …

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Funding Your Child’s Future Lifestyle!

Funding Your Child’s Future Lifestyle!

Early preparation in life is key to becoming financially independent As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues into a second year, we’re learning more and more about its financial impact. While many individuals and families are struggling up and down the country, there is a particular strain placed on the parents of adult children. A recent survey showed that 50% of adults with children over the age of 18 have provided financial help to them due …

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Unlocking Your Wealth

Unlocking Property Wealth

Plan for the worst, hope for the best With the rapid changes that have swept the world over the last year resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, some people aged over 50 are facing a different retirement than they may have been expecting. Some have less savings than they imagined, some have had to access their savings to supplement their income and some have retired earlier than they had planned. Financial affairs in orderFor many, the …

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10 tips to achieving your financial goals

10 tips to achieving your financial goals

Time to diagnose your money situation with a financial health check? Even if you have a solid financial plan in place, it still needs to be updated regularly to ensure it reflects any life changes. But what should your priorities focus on now? Is it time to turn your attention to your pension, your ISA, your mortgage, or something else? Should you be thinking about investing more for your children’s education or putting an estate …

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Financial Resolutions

Financial resolutions

What does wealth look like to you? Whether it’s stopping smoking, losing weight, eating more healthily or getting fitter, most of us have probably made at least one New Year’s resolution, but how many of us will actually go on to achieve it? We all have different financial goals and aspirations in life, yet these goals can often seem out of reach. In today’s complex financial environment, achieving your financial goals may not be that …

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Every journey starts with a destination

Looking at the bigger picture for your wealth and security Every plan starts with a goal, just like every journey starts with a destination. Planning your financial future is not only important for your security, but it also provides peace of mind. Financial planning should be viewed as a long-term approach to managing your finances. Creating your financial plan will help you see the bigger picture and set life goals, which are crucial for mapping …

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