Mind the divorce Gap

Mind the divorce Gap

Women see incomes fall by 33% following divorce, compared to just 18% for men Divorce is an emotionally charged event – and can be an expensive one. The financial impact of divorce can also last for decades and carry on into older age. Women are also often impacted harder financially by divorce, new research highlights. Many women are likely to see their household incomes fall by a third (33%) in the year following their divorce, …

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For richer, for poorer

Pension and asset advice should be part of the divorce process Divorce – it’s one of the most difficult subjects to talk about. The emotional upheaval of divorce can be difficult to deal with, but so too can the financial implications. When relationships come to an end, there are so many things to consider. Children, home and support are naturally the first things you focus on. When you begin the process of separating a shared …

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For richer, for poorer

Divorced Britons regret splitting after new financial pressures hit home The pain of regret after divorce can be long-lasting, especially when you consider the life-long impact divorce has on your children, your finances and your emotions. All the problems, the arguing, the unhappiness, it is all over now that the divorce is final. Right? Not always. Thousands of people who go through a divorce or separation each year regret the split because of new financial …

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Relationship breakdowns

A pension could well be the biggest single asset in the relationship What is likely to be a divorcing couple’s most valuable asset? The family home will spring to most people’s minds first. But the value of a pension could well be the biggest single asset in the relationship. When and how pensions are divided on divorce depends on the circumstances of you and your family. If your marriage has been short and both of …

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Money’s too tight to mention

Financial impact on annual retirement income after divorce First comes marriage, then for some couples comes divorce. But a stable marriage is one of the best paths to building and maintaining wealth. Divorce, on the other hand, is expensive. Possessions, money, financial assets, and debt acquired during, and sometimes before, marriage are divided between former spouses. Putting a price tag on a divorce is tricky. However, for some couples, no amount of marriage counselling is …

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A Guide to Pensions and Divorce

Breaking up is hard to do! Divorce and pensions are very significant. A pension could be a couple’s most valuable matrimonial asset, in some cases worth more than the equity in the family home. As such, it is important that pensions are considered in the financial settlement if a couple decides to divorce or dissolve their registered civil partnership. All the money you’ve saved into it (except for your basic State Pension) will be taken …

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