Year: 2021

Evolution of ESG investing

Evolution of ESG investing

Changing face of consumer ethics and behaviours The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has prompted a desire to move into ethical and sustainable investing for more than half (51%) of advised UK adults, according a new report[1]. And while the trend is common across the generations, it’s Millennials who are leading the charge. The report, which looks at intergenerational planning and wealth transfer between advised families amid the financial volatility and insecurity of the pandemic, found that …

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Money's too tight to mention

Money’s too tight to mention

Looking to retire from work, not a paycheck? When it comes to retirement insecurity, one concern dominates all others, the fear of running out of money during retirement and with people living longer than ever before, it’s a very valid concern. A new report reveals how two-thirds (66%) of adults planning to retire this year risk running out of money[1]. The research found that a 2021 retiree plans to spend, on average, £21,000 a year …

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Pension freedoms

Pension freedoms

Looking for a wider choice of investment options? Saving for your retirement is one of the longest and biggest financial commitments you will ever make. Imagine you’re retiring today. Have you thought about how you’re going to financially support yourself (and potentially your family too) with your current pension savings? The pension freedoms introduced in 2015 provide even more of an incentive to look again at your retirement savings. If appropriate to your particular situation, …

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Funding Your Child’s Future Lifestyle!

Funding Your Child’s Future Lifestyle!

Early preparation in life is key to becoming financially independent As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues into a second year, we’re learning more and more about its financial impact. While many individuals and families are struggling up and down the country, there is a particular strain placed on the parents of adult children. A recent survey showed that 50% of adults with children over the age of 18 have provided financial help to them due …

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Unlocking Your Wealth

Unlocking Property Wealth

Plan for the worst, hope for the best With the rapid changes that have swept the world over the last year resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, some people aged over 50 are facing a different retirement than they may have been expecting. Some have less savings than they imagined, some have had to access their savings to supplement their income and some have retired earlier than they had planned. Financial affairs in orderFor many, the …

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Succession Plannning

Succession Planning

Preparing yourself, your family and your business for the future The operational demands of running a family business or other closely held enterprise can be all-consuming, but it’s vital that business leaders take the time needed to assess their organisation’s business succession planning. After pouring years of your life into building a profitable business, it’s natural that you’ll want to pass it on to someone who will take equal care of it, whether that’s a …

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