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Spring 2022 Forecast Statement guide

Spring 2022 Forecast Statement Guide

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, delivered the Spring 2022 Forecast Statement to Parliament on Wednesday 23 March 2022. This announcement follows the unprovoked, premeditated attack Vladimir Putin launched on Ukraine.

Mr Sunak said, ‘The invasion has created significant uncertainty in the global economy, particularly in energy markets. The sanctions and strong response by the UK and its allies are vital in supporting the Ukrainian people, but these decisions will inevitably have an adverse effect on the UK economy and other economies too.’

He continued, ‘The government has taken the responsible decisions needed ahead of the Spring 2022 Forecast Statement to strengthen the public finances, which has created the space to provide this extra support. The statement confirms that after providing this support the government continues to meet its fiscal rules, with an increased margin of safety.’

Mr Sunak continued, ‘Higher than expected global energy and goods prices have already led to an unavoidable increase in the cost of living in the UK. The repercussions of the invasion of Ukraine will add to these pressures and increase inflation further in the coming months, with the long-term consequences not yet being clear. As a result, the uncertainty surrounding the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) spring economic and fiscal forecast is higher than usual.’

What does the Spring 2022 Forecast Statement mean for you? In our comprehensive guide to the Spring 2022 Forecast Statement, we reveal the key announcements and their effect both on individuals and businesses across the UK.

Smart Money Issue 103

Smart Money Issue 103

Inside our latest issue of Smart Money, we look at why now is the time to make sure you protect your wealth. The word ‘inflation’ had barely featured in the market’s vocabulary in the last three decades until it suddenly started to come back with a vengeance in 2021. As higher inflation looks set to persist throughout 2022, we consider why finding ways to generate a return on investments greater than inflation will be a key investment theme – otherwise your wealth falls in real terms.

A full and happy retirement is a priority for many. But no two people are alike. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ system cannot accurately account for everyone’s individual lifestyle choices, so it makes sense that the way you prepare for your future is likely to be different from others. On the surface, retirement planning hasn’t changed all that much over the years. You work, you save and then you retire.

We also take a look at the importance of staying on track to achieving your specific financial goals. All of your financial decisions and activities have an effect on your financial health. To help improve your financial health during this period of rising inflation and interest rates, we explain three areas that could help keep you on track to achieving your financial goals.

Guide to Financial Protection

Guide to Financial Protection

Change is inevitable. It’s just a part of life. Some changes you can predict, while others you simply cannot. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a plan in place to help mitigate the impacts and protect your wealth should something change in your life, like your career, your health or even your family situation.

Guide to Lasting Power of Attorney

Guide to Lasting Power of Attorney

As someone becomes more unwell, they’re likely to find it more difficult to manage money and financial affairs, and may become too unwell to make decisions about health and care. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document in which someone (the donor) gives another person (the attorney) the right to help them make decisions, or take decisions on their behalf.

Guide to Pound Cost Averaging

Guide to Pound Cost Averaging

So you have a lump sum to invest. What now? Do you invest it all at once or bit by bit? Will soaring inflation, rising interest rates and further supply chain disruption fuel market volatility this year and impact on your lump sum?

Guide to Securing Your Financial Future

Guide to Securing your Financial Future

Life can throw unexpected events and surprises at us when we are least expecting it, as we’ve witnessed with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak. We can’t foresee what is waiting around the corner, but we can ensure that we’re financially prepared to protect what are the most important things in life should the worst happen.

Guide to The Effects Of Covid-19 On Retirement Planning

Guide to The Effects of COVID-19 on Retirement Planning

In our Guide to the Effects of COVID-19 on Retirement Planning, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the world headlines, we consider how this may affect individuals’ financial plans for retirement.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Investing

Guide to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Investing

If you’re someone who wants to make a positive difference, you might be interested to know how you, your money and the things you care about could all benefit from sustainable investing.

Guide to Investment Insights

Guide to Investment Insights

As concerns over the pandemic continue to dominate headlines, cause volatility in the market and subsequently shake confdence, it is perfectly normal for investors to become nervous, question their investment approach and concentrate on the potential for short-term losses over their longerterm investment strategy