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We have been providing trusted, personalised financial advice and investment management in Horsham for more than 15 years. We always remember that our clients are our business; we care about the things that matter most to you and work closely with you to forge strong relationships that last the test of time.


We are one of the region’s leading independent wealth managers. Through our flexible, bespoke and personal wealth management service, we are here to help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals and ambitions.


Our investment team is comprised of highly skilled, like-minded experts who have come together to do things differently based on a set of shared values and principles resulting in portfolios that maximise returns while staying within your comfort zone on risk.


Retirement Planning is often at the forefront of our minds, but it's crucial to know if you are on the right path to being able to maintain the lifestyle that you want and take account of changes that may affect your plans when heading into your retirement.

Your financial plans in
expert hands

Retirement planning is a long-term commitment, but wherever you sit in your retirement journey, we’re here to support you. Whether it’s starting a pension, saving more into your plan or helping with your options for retirement.

Neil Mercier - Principal at Mercier Allen & Associates

Investments and savings

Our investment strategy draws up a detailed future financial plan with funds that are chosen for you with specific and targeted outcomes for your investments.


We carry out specialist analysis and reporting based on your existing pension fund, existing dormant funds and your personal pension ambitions and suggest a plan that's right for you.

Are you ready for retirement?

Being ready to retire means more than just no longer getting up to go to work. What it really takes is a solid grasp of your money, a carefully considered investment and spending plan for your life savings, debt that’s under control, and a plan you’re excited about for how you’ll spend your days.

Guide to Budget 2021

“This Budget meets the moment with a three-part plan to protect the jobs and livelihoods of the British people. First, we will continue doing whatever it takes to support the British people and businesses through this moment of crisis.

Second, once we are on the way to recovery, we will need to begin fixing the public finances – and I want to be honest today about our plans to do that.

And, third, we begin the work of building our future economy.”

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer
3rd March 2021

As the economy reopens, this Budget also sets out the steps the government is taking to support the recovery. The Chancellor said his immediate priority continues to be supporting those hit the hardest and spoke about the tough choices required to put the public finances on a more sustainable path.

If you would like to review your current situation or discuss how Budget 2021 could affect your future plans, please get in touch.

Financial Guides

Our financial guides are designed to help you help you better understand your money and make better financial decisions.

The Future Of Retirement

Guide To The Future Of Retirement

We all have our own idea of the life we’d like to lead after we’ve left the nine-to-five behind. Whatever retirement looks like for you, it’s important to make the right plans now, so that you have the freedom to enjoy the time when it comes, however you choose to fill it.


Retirement planning journey

Retirement planning journey

What you need to consider at every life stage When you’re starting out working in your 20s, you may not be thinking about retirement in 40 years. The …

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Protecting family wealth

Protecting family wealth

Start planning your legacy to mitigate or reduce Inheritance Tax If you’ve worked hard throughout your lifetime to grow your wealth, and hope it will help to safeguard …

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Pension boost

Pension boost

Are you claiming all of the generous tax relief you’re entitled to? The unique combination of tax breaks and flexible access available to pensions make them a compelling …

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Retirement Income

‘It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep’

The potential impact to your expected retirement income over time When you’re planning your retirement income, there are multiple factors to consider: how much you can expect from …

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Neil Mercier
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